Those darn fire fairies are at it again, lighting fires in your beautiful forest. As the resident water fairy and local volunteer fire fighter, it's your job to put out those fires before the whole forest goes up in flames!

Grab your trusty red water bucket and fill it with water from ponds and puddles. pour water on the flames but watch out for sparks, fish and fire fairies.

Made for the Halifax Game Collective Pageant E with the theme of "Water Fairy"

Move with arrows WASD

Throw water with CTRL

Dunk bucket into pounds and puddles to fill water meter (blue)

Put out all flames before time (red meter) runs out.

5 levels

Programming, design & animations: Adam Hartling (@XenosNS)

Hold the line LOSPEC Mix - bart

Fanfare music:
Star Mile - Fanfare - Alexandersshen

Background image:
Large forest background - Julien

Sound Effects:


waterfairyfirefighter.exe 10 MB

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