Two eyes in the dark.

In ancient labyrinth open.

Must shoot yourself out.


Player One:
Move with arrows.
Enter Key: Cause other player to shoot at you.

Player Two:
Move with WASD.
Space Key: Cause other player to shoot at you.

F11: Toggle fullscreen mode.

Escape: Close the game.


You want to be shot by the other player. Hitting your fire button will cause the other player to shoot.
Attempt to be hit three times by the other player's shots while avoiding shooting the other player with your own.
Power ups appear that will affect the other player.


Game by Adam Hartling @XenosNS, 2015.
Eyeball, wall and floor detail graphics by @rogueNoodle.

Created for the Halifax Game Collective Pageant with the theme of "Abject Failure."
Theme contributed by Phil Fish.

Game written in GameMaker:Studio.
Sounds created with SFXR.
Music create with Bosca Ceoil.

Additional Sounds effects:

Install instructions

Unzip file and run exe file.


Download 6 MB

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