A downloadable game for Windows

Three game "scraps" for the Scrappy Jam.


A game I was preparing for the Halifax Game Collective jam with the theme of squinting. Just experimenting with surfaces and colors.

Wait For Me

Game I was thinking about making inspired by a dream I'd had years ago.

Run to the left to catch up with your friends before they walk off level and forget about you.

Obsolete Pines

Another Halifax Game Collective jam with the theme of elder technology. My one and so far only attempt at using RPG maker. Plan was to make a small game about a girl who goes to visit her grandmother at a home. Something happens and she's locked in a section of the building inhabited by obsolete technology like a record player, crt tv, vcr, etc. To escape, the girl would need to figure out how these devices worked to get parts of a code for the locked door.


scraps.zip 207 MB


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eyesky: weed dream but hard to control the colours without it would be better i think

Obsolete Pines: just exract a folder idk, cant play it

wait for me: cool idea also the graphics are almost photorealistic !!!